Our focus is to combine your project needs with our creative efforts to provide a design solution that will reach your sales goals.

Tinen Design is product design firm that also specializes in Product Display & Tradeshow Booth Design. We start with multiple concept renderings that are generated with 3D CAD modeling. These renderings will effectively convey options that we can work with to select and decide which concept will be considered for further development.

When a design is selected we can provide further support by using these CAD renderings for images that could be used in product literature or installation drawings before the product has been manufactured. We can also support further marketing efforts by designing in-store displays and Tradeshow Booths.

By utilizing what we have learned during the development of the product, Tinen Design has an advantage over other firms because we have a much more evolved understanding of what the product is and how it should be displayed.

Our Services

Product Design

We specialize in developing detailed preliminary 3D CAD models of new concepts.​

Tradeshow Booth Design

Using 3D CAD models to conceptualize renderings with proposed graphics.​

Product Displays

Using 3D CAD models to conceptualize renderings with proposed graphics.​​


CAD renderings for product & installation literature.